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Rochelle, host of Friday Fictioneers, challenges her community of writers to compose a weekly 100 word story in response to a photographic prompt.  This week, the prompt is provided courtesy of J Hardy Carroll.

“Your prosthetic is a superhero’s accessory,” we say, “like Wonder Woman’s bracelets, Spider-Man’s web-shooters.”

She embraces the concept, trying on superhero identities:
Wonder Child
            Super Girl.
None fit.
Undeterred, we switch focus, exploring special powers.  The usual options are out; her injury means she cannot yet move at speed or jump over anything.
She suggests invisibility.
We smile at her tribute to her missing leg.
Only when we see her prosthetic standing in the plaza, our daughter hidden, do we realise we’re wrong.  By focusing on her superhero prosthetic, we’ve made her invisible, denied her the ability to be herself.